Semi-Olympic swimming Pool

It Is not every day in Pointe noire, Congo, that you’ll be able to find a swimming pool like ours.
Not only does it hold the dimension record, the hygienic perfection and the clients full satisfaction. It is mostly the center diamond bringing life to our big garden, palm trees and flowers reflected on the water every day.
It’s designed to be in the center was made on purpose. Imagine having a very hot humid day at work and coming back to an oasis , swimming for endless distance amid the soothing palm trees, birds, flowers and green sight all around you.
It sure takes the load of our guests’ days off their shoulders.

Training Gym and fitness

The Atlantic Palace Hotel Gym and Fitness Club offers an extensive range of exercise services with specialists always on ground, a fully equipped gymnasium with dedicated free weights area and a revolutionary Powerplate machine that ensures that you get maximum results from your workout. Luxury fitness facilities include two Jacuzzi, sauna/steam lounge which you can reserve or book the session at the reception. You can also shower on the premises and set off ready to finish your day or your night full of energy and good vibes.

Animated Royal Buffet

For the pleasure of our clients and residents in Pointe noire, we put together every Friday and Saturday a diverse animated Buffet with a variety of international dishes changing every week, making it impossible not to enjoy your meal. With our saxophonist and band playing in the background, all setting a festive ambiance for your weekend evenings at Atlantic Palace Hotel.